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OnSite services

Galaktik OnSite Services: Enhancing Healthcare Workflow 

Galaktik understands the unique challenges healthcare professionals face daily. Our Onsite Services offer tailored solutions, empowering your team to focus on patient care. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Customized Solutions: Seamlessly integrate services into your facility’s workflow, addressing specific needs. 
  • Patient-Centric Care: Enable staff to deliver exceptional care, enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction. 
  • Minimized Downtime: Address equipment maintenance, reducing interruptions in patient care. 

ProCare Services

Everyday, your reliance on peak medical equipment performance is paramount. Galaktik’s ProCare Services guarantee equipment readiness, optimizing ROI through loaners, preventative maintenance, and tailored service plans. Key benefits: 

  • Equipment Readiness Assurance: We ensure your equipment is primed for optimal functionality. 
  • Investment Optimization: Maximize ROI effortlessly. 
  • Comprehensive Support: Access loaners, preventive maintenance, and customized service plans. 

Reprocessing and Remanufacturing in Healthcare

Reprocessing and Remanufacturing: Advancing Healthcare 

Galaktik’s reprocessing of single-use medical devices (SUDs) follows strict FDA regulations, encompassing inspection, cleaning, testing, sterilization, and packaging. This transformative approach enhances SUDs’ clinical safety while promoting environmental and economic sustainability. 

  • Regulatory Adherence: Our unwavering commitment to FDA regulations ensures reprocessed devices maintain the same performance and safety standards as their original counterparts, upholding the quality of patient care. 
  • Robust Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and sterilization processes guarantee the safety and effectiveness of reprocessed devices, providing healthcare professionals with reliable tools for patient care. 
  • Being eco-friendly: Reprocessing helps cut down on medical waste, supporting sustainable healthcare practices and showing our commitment to environmental responsibility.